Alive Photo of the Day: Pickles

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Deb’s Delights went from being a seasonal vendor to a full-time business at the Broadway Market in the fall of 2012.

She has a great selection of all types of homemade canned goods…the following is from her Facebook page:

Deb’s Delights is a producer of homemade canned goods including various pickles, chili sauces, salsas, mustard, jams, pickled garlic and pepper jellies. We take pride in using the choicest of produce and our open developed recipes which contain no preservatives.

I am particularly fond of her pickles…especially the old fashioned dills!

Deb produces everything right on site at the Market and she has been a great addition to the permanent vendor line-up there.  You should stop by, say hi and try out.  She always has samples too!



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