Down on the Farm: Cup of Tea Anyone?

Ahhh.  It’s over.  One of the most difficult summers I can remember.  Remind me to not be involved in farming when there will be no rain… (alright, so I’d do it anyway)

Anyway, that is all behind me and I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing winter.  Our growing season was concluded by our third annual Harvest Celebration/Pig Roast/ Cider Pressing.  This year was a little tight on apples, but we were still able to procure enough to satisfy those who came and participated.  We have learned some lessons from previous years’ pig roasts and therefore made this one the most successful.  The gracious folks from Singer Farms (also the source of our apples) allowed us to use their tent for the event enabling us to eat and mingle protected from the rain, one of our most dependable guests.  We had some live music, plenty of food, hot, mulled cider, fresh home-made doughnuts, delicious fire-roasted pork that was so well done and juicy it literally fell off the bones.  We were also blessed to have our eldest son home for the weekend.

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