Down on the Farm: Spring at Last!

(Janice Stevens – Wilson Street Urban Farm) What an interesting spring we have  had.   Two weeks of 70 -80 degree weather, then a major freeze.  Then warm again, then snow.  I’m placing faith in the idea that this latest warming trend is going to last – at least that we won’t get any more snow or temperatures in the teens!

This week has seen a flurry of activity on the farm.  Tomatoes and peppers were started in the house weeks ago and they were desperately wanting to be transplanted into 4″ blocks outside, so Mark and Jerusha made  380 4 inch blocks and lined them up on boards in the hoop house ready for transplants.  Sad, leggy tomatoes have been placed in their blocks and should be happy again soon.  Alex planted some of her peppers in the hoop house ground as well as putting some in blocks.    Cabbage and Swiss chard were planted in their outside boxes.  Herbs were transplanted into pots and barrels around the yard.

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