Down on the Farm: Maypole Celebration, a Spring Success

Looking around me I could scarcely believe that we were celebrating with a Maypole festival in the dilapidated East side of Buffalo. A tall pole with the Farmer Pirates flag hovered over one corner of the lot with streamers dangling ready for dancing. This was the Spring version of a quarterly event held at each one of the East side Farmer Pirate locations in turn. The wide open green space was bordered by freshly tilled earth, and the afternoon sun shone intensely. Concentrated under a few trees gathered the movers and shakers of Buffalo’s urban farming community. These pioneers and supporters streamed onto the grassy field to enjoy roasted goat, lamb, and lentils and the joyful company of each other. Admittedly, it was a motley group, with sun-crusted bikers, young families sporting trendy accessories, well-groomed folks coming in from the suburbs to support urban farming, and your salt-of-the-earth farmers who had hands honored with stains from the soil they worked themselves.

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