Part V of Seven Easy Things the Broadway Market can do to be a Year-Round Destination

The Broadway Market should host after hours events throughout the year.

Whether events are run by the market or someone else, it can benefit.

Take a look around town and you will see a number of events being held at unique places.  Just this past weekend, Boom Days was held inside of a grain elevator.  Places like the Larkin @ Exchange building host events on a regular basis.  Heck, take a ride down from the market on Gibson to Paderewski and look at the events the Central Terminal puts on…people, businesses and organizations love to go to and have events at one of a kind spaces.  The Broadway Market fits the bill.

The market has a history of hosting special after hours events.  From Dyngus Day to public meetings to Hallwalls’ Artist and Models to everything in-between, the Broadway Market has proven it can successfully do it.

Establishing itself as an event venue will accomplish a few things.

  • Increase exposure
  • Attract different types of audiences
  • Build reputation
  • Build brand
  • Generate income

Again, the whole goal here is to make the Broadway Market a year-round destination.

To take it a little further, the market has a 100,000 sq. ft. roof/parking lot.  This has to be the most underutilized space of the Broadway Market.   It offers unique views the neighborhood and downtown.  It could easily be used for a wide variety of summer events and essentially a blank canvas.  A one of a kind cool space in Buffalo.

As the title of this post and series suggests, EASY.



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  1. M

    Again good point! I have often thought of doing movies or something on the roof after hours. When it gets dark, doing classic movies – the great black and whites like they do in the parks in California, or holding more concerts and the such on the roof. You can get the vendors up there to sell food and drinks. It would be awesome!

  2. Kmockler

    The events would not even have to be that stupendous. They could reach out to schools, churches, and any community musical groups and invite them in to perform. Get 50 choir kids there, and their parents, grandparents and friends will be there to support them…then they’ll take a walk around, enjoy some chrushiki and coffee, and learn that the Market has a great deal to offer year-round.

  3. Cathy Szczutkowski

    I just read the first 5 ideas Chris and am anxiously awaiting the remaining 5. Everyone of your ideas is doable, and as some of the other commenters have stated, the Market has to adapt to the needs of the public willing to support it. The problem I see though is the vendors themselves…they have been working the same hours themselves for these same number of years…and that is where the problem begins…they must be willing to change THEIR personal lives around to accomodate the public…but if their mindset is one of “Why should I give up MY Sunday morning/early afternoon when no one will be there?” they will NEVER know how much public support they could be getting. I myself work later hours – and often times have wished I could do a quick stop on my way home to get some fresh meat and veggies for a home made dinner without breaking into my 401K for a supermarket run….I would love it if I could stop on my way home for some fresh cold cuts for lunch the next day… dinner tonight …. some baked goods for breakfast….getting the Vendors to do their part would go a great distance in getting the public to do its part….supporting a treasure that is surely too great to lose in Buffalo. Heaven knows we have already lost more than our fair share of wonderful people/places/things…let’s do all we can to avoid losing another!

  4. Cathy Szczutkowski

    Who DOES manage the market these days anyways Chris?…… As someone else mentioned before……YOU should have the job! Time for some fresh blood not afraid to try new things….


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