Part III of Seven Easy Things the Broadway Market can do to be a Year-Round Destination…HOURS OPEN

This is the third part of my series on seven things the Broadway Market can do to be a year-round destination.

In this installment, I am going to touch on the Broadway Market’s hours of operation.

A cursory look at some other markets around the country and I found that a lot offer later hours on all or a few days of the week and offer Sunday hours.

The Broadway Market has been open 8am-5pm six days a week (Monday-Saturday) for as long as I can remember. In this day and age, those hours just don’t cut it in retail anymore.  The market needs to adapt to the market.

The market doesn’t need to radically change its hours either.

Let’s start by having it open a few nights a week to 7pm.  The later closing will provide an extra window of time for people to shop after work or may want to zip down later.  It  makes the market more convenient and can help expand its base of year-round shoppers.


Have you been inside of a Wegmans or Tops on Sunday recently?  They are jammed packed with people shopping.  These people could be shopping at the Broadway Market.

If you take in to consideration the influx of people who come to the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood for Sunday Mass, there is a built in customer base waiting to be tapped into.  Personally, I would love to stop in the market for some baked goods, etc. on Sunday after Mass.

The Broadway Market wouldn’t have to open all day on Sundays.  A short hour schedule of 9am-2pm should suffice.

As the title of this post and series suggests, EASY.



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