Part II of Seven Easy Things the Broadway Market can do to be a Year-Round Destination

THE BROADWAY MARKETIn the year 2012, a prime destination for shoppers is the internet.  The amount of online sales continue to grow every year.  It is a trend that isn’t going to change.

Here is a clear and practical way for 999 Broadway to tap into that.

The Broadway Market could use its name power/brand and start an online store of products sold at the market.

There is a whole world of Buffalo expats out there who would love to get their hands on a lot of the items sold at the Broadway Market…kielbasa, horseradish, t-shirts, placek, Polish mushrooms, chrusciki, pączki, hot dogs, marjoram, pierogi, gift certificates, etc. There is also a whole world out there interested in the type of products the Broadway Market is known for. An online store could be a year-round destination for shoppers around the globe.

Along with increased sales for existing vendors, the Broadway Market itself could use the profits from an online store to fund marketing initiatives along with capital projects.  It would provide income to help make the market more self-sustaining and fill in funding gaps for projects where the money just isn’t there.

The online store would also grow the Broadway Market brand and its reputation as a food destination in Western New York.

As the title of this post and series suggests, EASY.


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