Buffalo News, 1991: Lent Gives Aging Market a Taste of its Glory Days

The attached article is from 1991.  It amazes me that some 21 years later that we are still having the type of conversations included in the article about making the Market a year round destination, etc.

The problem with the Market now and with each successive year is that it is suffering from the slow and steady decline we have seen throughout Buffalo.   The Broadway Market in 2012 is in a lot worse shape than it was back in 1991.  It makes me wonder when the decline will reach the point of no return.

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1 thought on “Buffalo News, 1991: Lent Gives Aging Market a Taste of its Glory Days”

  1. My heart just ached when I read the line “That’s the hope…the good old days might well return with the planned construction of a K-mart store on the old Sattler site”. And now even that hope is another vacant lot. 🙁

    I remember going to the market as a girl around 1991 and thinking it was the most wonderful place in the world…if that was in decline then, I can only imagine what it must have been like before that! I am now feeling the need to drag everyone I know there so they can see how magical it really is.

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