Video: Making Pierogi at Saint John Kanty Church Buffalo

Each year the parishioners of Saint John Kanty Church get together before lent and make pierogi to sell to the community and parish as a fundraiser for the church…last year they made 5000.  That’s a lot of pierogi.

I caught a little bit of the process yesterday.

Being a Kanty’s kid, it is always great going back to the church and yesterday was special.  Any time in you get in a kitchen with Polish ladies, you can’t help to feel like they are welcoming you like you are part of their big extended family.

One thing that kept coming back to me while I was at Kanty’s yesterday and later reflecting on the experience when piecing together the video was that these people and many like them are at the core of what keeps churches like Saint John Kanty alive.  You will never see their names in the paper or their faces on TV news bragging about what they do.   They go about their business working together to preserve this place they believe in.  It is when I meet people like I did at Kanty’s yesterday that is motivating and inspiring to me.

Do you want some of their pierogi?  You can find out how to purchase by visiting Saint John Kanty’s website—>