Painting for Preservation hits Saint Adalbert’s on Sunday with an Art-In

Earlier this year a new preservation group hit Buffalo in a way no other group has in the past.  The group Painting for Preservation has done a series of “Art Ins” to bring attention to a variety of local buildings.

From their website…

Painting for Preservation is an inclusive and eclectic group of artists, preservationists, photographers, bloggers and community leaders that gather at historic buildings to make art with the architecture as the subject. We do not paint the actual building.  Our goal is to raise awareness of the historic buildings by gathering at them, support artists working in the urban environment, and create an artistic record of our collective history. There have been eight previously hosted Art-Ins throughout Buffalo and artist’s work will be on display during the National Preservation Conference in October. For more information, see our blog at

I find the whole concept simply incredible and a great way to focus artistic energy on historic buildings around Buffalo.  After meeting one of the group’s organizers while she lent a hand at a Broadway Market  clean-up I was running, we became friends on Facebook and it helped pave the way to the group coming to Saint Adalbert’s on Sunday, 09/11.  The internet us such a great networking resource.

The “Art-In” is open to anyone and all skill levels/media…it will run from 9:30am – 1pm.

You can find out more about the event and group by clicking here—>

The artwork from event will be on display when Saint Adalbert Basilica celebrates its 125th anniversary on 09/18.