Video: Dożynki kicks off at Corpus Christi

In the midst of all the craziness surrounding the the abrupt departure of Corpus Christi’s pastor, Dożynki got off to a great start last night at the church.

This was the first time the festival opened on a Friday in a long time…Corpus Christi re-expanded the festival to a three day event this year.

To kickoff Dożynki, Mona Liza, a singer from Poland, offered a mix of contemporary Polish music mixed with some great American standards. Dożynki is B-F’s largest outdoor summer festival and has really grown over the last few years. Opening on Friday is an effort to make the festival an even a larger event.

With the news that my parish’s pastor got caught up some legal troubles on the same day the event opened, it made the evening a surreal experience.

As Parish Council President Beverly Sikora says in the video below, people are sad.

Father Matthew was part of our family at Corpus Christi. I am saddened by the whole situation. Priests after all, are just people. They have problems like all of us. They make mistakes. And of course, the whole story makes for great news. A priest’s fall from grace is something people eat up. All I thought about after the news broke was that Father Matthew needs our prayers and support to help fight whatever demons are plaguing him.