The reason for the season at the Response to Love Center

(Photo by Mile Gilhooly – RTLC)

As I make way through the Christmas season, I am always inspired by stories of the people and organizations that go to great lengths to ensure others experience the joy of it all.

From the Response to Love Center website…

On Monday and Tuesday December 13th and 14th working with the WNY Food Bank, the Response to Love Center offered either a turkey or ham and a bag of all the fixings to prepare a complete meal including dessert and for the first time this year fresh milk from the Upstate Milk Cooperative for almost 200 families.


Wednesday and Thursday December 14th and 15th in cooperation with the WNY Toy Partnership people who registered with children up to 12 years old were given the opportunity to “shop” for age and gender appropriate toys for their children. “The parents know what their child or children want and we give them a place to shop for the perfect gift,” said Kathleen Majchrzak, volunteer coordinator and toy distribution lead. “The toys are displayed on tables and the people are able to look at and choose exactly what they want, in addition they can choose a few stocking stuffers, ” she continued. “Many of our people are working poor that simply don’t have enough left after paying the bills and this is a way for them to provide something special that they otherwise might not be able to provide.”

It is all about L O V E!!!

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